Subnova: Dream Walker

50 years ago, an asteroid struck England. This created a new breed of superhero: the Novohumans, but this wasn’t supposed to last long. The governments felt threatened by them and they were soon hunted into extinction. Now, someone wants to bring them back. Organisations are experimenting on teenagers to create the Subnova in a race to have their own superhero agents.

When Amita wakes up locked inside a hospital-like cell, she wonders what she’s done wrong, but that night in her dreams she’s visited by a boy who claims to be like her. That they’ve both been experimented on and they must escape. With the Dream Walker by her side Amita learns that she can possess other living creatures and harnesses that ability to aid her escape. At the same time another kid who has been experimented on learns that he can walk through walls and while trying to escape the both see an unconscious boy that they call the ‘Dream Walker’. Who are the people experimenting them and holding them in the facility? Who is the Dream Walker and why is he so important?

Subnova: Dream Walker is a YA fantasy/sci-fi that we have co-authored. The first 4 chapters are on Wattpad currently and while we do not intend to release the rest any time soon we still want to share what we have and hope that you enjoy it. Plus, who knows, if enough people enjoy it we might get around to releasing the rest of it.

You can read Chapter 1 here!