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Fantasy/Sci-Fi, Action or Drama – YOU decide

Guest post by Mumina Akthar In the comfort of my room, books and TV shows have always provided me with my own mini haven. I would label myself a TV series addict. I watch a lot and always have. I follow a series through to the very end even if it gets dreary (too loyal).… Continue reading Fantasy/Sci-Fi, Action or Drama – YOU decide


Something Different To Watch: K-Dramas

This year I’ve taken a slight detour from the usual American TV shows that I watch such as the Vampire Diaries and the Originals and tried something different: Asian dramas (specifically K- and C-dramas). What I discovered was a difference in conveying emotions in the show, these Asian dramas have a knack for making the… Continue reading Something Different To Watch: K-Dramas

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Cliches: Expectations vs Reality

These are some of the cliches that have appeared in stories and films over the years. Today, we’re going to compare what it would be like as depicted in the fictional story, and how that would translate to the real world. Falling… onto your lips This is quite prominent in Korean Dramas, when two people… Continue reading Cliches: Expectations vs Reality

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Overused Romance Plot Devices

This mostly applies to TV series and movies – here are some things that commonly occur in a typical Romance story. They’re perhaps overused romance plot devices, but as with everything, if you can put a creative spin on it, there’s nothing stopping you from using it. 1. Damsel in distress Quite often when faced… Continue reading Overused Romance Plot Devices

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Cliched Characters and Overused Plots Devices

Today we consider character types that have been overused over the years to become cliches and it would be best to avoid them in your own stories. These cliches apply more to television and movies rather than books, but either way, it’s best to beware of them. Girl disguised as a boy This plot device has… Continue reading Cliched Characters and Overused Plots Devices