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The Ink Screen is blog dedicated to all the things we love. From the dried ink in the pages of books to the televisions shows and films flicking across our screen.

Originating from the blog ‘YA Teabreak’ that mostly offered writing advice we are aiming to expand are network to all things we love, not just YA.

Run by two writers, Elizabeth and Nadia we will still be posting writing advice, though perhaps not as regularly. We will also be talking more about film and television, including their latest releases and or favorite books. This is more a general hub where we can talk about all the things we love.

All our previously posted content under ‘YA Teabreak’ is still accessible here under the ‘Getting Around’ tab. If you have any suggestions of content you’d like to see or things you’d want to see more of, please let us know by clicking ‘contact us’!

About the writers:

Elizabeth loves reading anything she can get her hands on but tends to drift towards the fantasy section of the bookstore. Her favourite books include Hunger Games, Tales of the Otori and the Vampire Diaries. She’s completed one novella, and is currently working on her third draft of a young adult fantasy novel. You can find her on her blog.

Nadia is an escapist, when she isn’t running away into books, film, tv or games, she’s creating her own worlds that she almost always seems to lose control of. Her favourite books include A Darker Shade of Magic, Good Omens, Throne of Glass, and the Wrath and the Dawn. She is an avid reader and posts reviews of most of them on goodreads. After a couple of vampire novellas that she promises will never see the light of day, she has moved onto her 3rd/4th draft of a young adult fantasy story with sci fi elements, but she always has at least 10 more projects on the backburner.

The Ink Screen5.jpg


5 thoughts on “About

    1. Thank you! We actually met each other through a NaNoWriMo writing group for our city. Elizabeth was looking for a writing buddy and I met her through that. Not long after talking we decided to do a blog together!

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      1. Yeah I’ve met a lot of people thanks to NaNoWriMo, I even have a writing group as a result. It’s a good way of getting writers together. It sounds like an amazing thing to write a post about 🙂 We’ve spoken about it a little in our post about Writing Buddies and Camp NaNo but never as a full post.

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