Game of Thrones, Plot Armour and a Few Predictions

I think it should go without saying, but spoilers for all seasons of Game of Thrones (up to season 6) and intense theorising on who isn’t going to die is coming up! So if you don’t want to know, it’s time to close this tab and return to blissful ignorance.

First let me start with a few words about plot armour. It essential means that the plot of the story itself protects a particularly character. ie. Harry Potter had plot armour until the last book because he’s the eponymous main character. The same goes across most stories, while not always (though usually) the titular characters, the plot of a story will protect certain characters and that’s particularly prevalent in Game of Thrones.

Instead of throwing theories left and right about who is the next to walk head first into an army of White Walkers or explode in a burst of wildfire, I’m going to tell you about the characters in Game of Thrones who just can’t die.

I’m not saying they’re invincible – no one in Game of Thrones is – but they’re not going to drop dead any time soon.

That’s the problem Game of Thrones has reached: where is the unpredictability, the surprise or the shock? Because right now, these are the characters they can’t kill off.

Jon Snow -cough- Targaryen

You wanna know what I said to the TV the second Jon was stabbed? It started with ‘bull’ and ended in ‘it’. And here’s why.

The storyline with the largest collection of characters is the events taking place in King’s Landing. We can pretty much say that no one there is safe. Unfortunately, we can say that almost everyone leading a key storyline elsewhere is invincible (for now).

There are two big reasons Jon can’t die.

Reason 1: Jon hasn’t really done anything. Not that he hasn’t done anything at all, he just hasn’t yet done anything of severe impact. Sure letting the Wildlings over the wall was a big decision, he knows how to kill a White Walker (with Dragonglass or Valyrian Steel) and he’s now the new King in the North (a position that’s never ended well for anyone). Sure, he might die – Littlefinger’s already plotting his demise – but it won’t be any time soon. Not until he interacts with the South and wages war with Queen Cersei.

Reason 2: To anyone still shocked by the finale, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. Jon’s most likely the real protagonist of Game of Thrones. The book series is called ‘A Song of Fire and Ice’. Maybe it’s a song about White Walkers and dragons, or maybe it’s a song about Starks (Winter) and Targaryens (Fire) or about someone who is both Stark and Targaryen. Now the popular R+L=J fan theory has been confirmed, it makes sense that he (Jon) is the song of fire and ice. That’s the greatest plot armour anyone can ever ask for. Not to mention, why reveal Jon’s parentage unless it’s going to come into play? Which means that Jon can’t die until he knows who his parents are and there are only two people alive who knows who Jon’s parents are; Howland Reed and Bran Stark. Which leads me on to:

Bran Stark

Did you know all the remaining Starks have plot armour (well, all of them except Sansa)? Bran’s made his way over the Wall where his importance as the new ‘Three Eyed Raven’ has been stressed. He’s got information that all of Westeros needs (and it’s not just the truth about his brother-turned-cousin). He knows the White Walkers are on the way and it’s clear he’s a figure piece in stopping them. So until Bran wages war against the walking icicles and tells Jon about his parents, we’re not going to see the end of this Stark.

Arya Stark

A girl has a name, at last! And Arya’s not likely to lose that or her life anytime soon. Let’s put it in simple terms shall we. If Arya dies, what happens? What is affected? You wanna hear the simple answer, nothing. Sure, season 6 ended with her killing Walder Frey but that’s not quite big enough. If Arya dies it makes no difference, because as far as her family and everyone else is concerned; she’s already dead. They’ll be no one to mourn her (although plenty to mourn her victims). This girl isn’t bowing out until the world knows her name.

Daenerys Targaryen

Six seasons sat on the other side of the Narrow Sea, completely apart from the Kingdom she’s trying to conquer, makes a girl and her dragons very well defended by plot armour. After so much time preparing her army, the focus that’s been devoted to her, Dany’s likely to stick around until the show comes to an end. Maybe one of her dragons can die (it definitely won’t be Drogon) but they’re also going to make it to Westeros. After all, they’ll be burning hordes of Wights in walls of fire in the last season.

And let’s be blunt, Melisandre has been bludgeoning the idea of Azor Ahai into our heads. We know it’s one of two people, it’s either gonna be Jon or Dany.

Out of the list of characters, four names aren’t a lot of survivors, but they’re also the only characters we’d be sad to see go. (Besides Tyrion, of course; and I’ll always have a precious place in my heart for Sansa).

A few bonus predictions about death:

  • Cersei’s our next reigning villain. I’m gonna wager that Jaime will turn against her (especially now their children are dead and she’s reigned wildfire on the city). With there only being 2 seasons left (13 episodes in total), season 7 could be taking Cersei down, while season 8 will be the war with the White Walkers and Night King. This will also tie in with the prophecy Cersei was given that she’s fairly obsessed with. Her children will die and she will be killed by the valonqar. This is a high Valyrian for ‘little brother’. Cersei has always believed it was about Tyrion (it’s why she’s so horrible to him), but they’ve made a point about Jaime being the younger twin, personally I think it’s Jaime who is the valonqar which means Jaime is going to be the one to kill her.
  • I really hate to say this because I love the girl, but Sansa’s not going to make it to the finale. More than likely her death is going to be for the sake of Jon’s manpain, maybe a culmination of Littlefinger vs. Jon. Unfortunately she’s just too good a person for the game of thrones.
  • Cleganebowl. This has long been theorised, the heavily anticipated rematch between the Hound and the Mountain. I’m gonna place my bets on the Hound for this match but probably because I want him to win.
  • Jon and Daenerys will join forces. In the book there are ‘three heads of the dragons’ it’s why there are three dragons. If the Targaryen’s ride their dragons into battle, and if Jon wants one of his own he’s gonna need to acquaint himself with their mother (and his aunt). Having no desire for the Iron Throne gives Daenerys more than enough reason to join him. Sure, the North want to retain him as King (though will they want him if they find out he’s a Targaryen), further splitting her Kingdom that she’s already sacrificed part of to the Greyjoys, but having the entire North’s support against the Lannisters gives her a better chance of revenge.

And that’s it for my Game of Thrones theorising. Who do you think is going to make it to the ends and which characters are marked for death?



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