blog update

Some Changes to the Blog

Including our brand new name:

The Ink Screen!


First let’s start with why we’ve changed the name.

When Elizabeth and I started YA Teabreak we intended to blog solely about writing YA and occasionally about YA books and films. However, the more we wrote for the blog the more we’ve realised that our content doesn’t solely fit under a YA bracket. Writing advice isn’t specific to an age and the majority of ours is not specific to YA. We have blogged as much about adult fiction (Game of Thrones) as we have about YA and so we feel we weren’t describing our blog accurately with our old name.

It’s also worth noting that when we started the blog, our aim was to offer writing advice alone. Since then our blog has taken a life of its own and we are talking about all the things we love. Film, television, books and writing. We’re hoping that the new name describes our love for writing, books and words (ink) with our appreciation of other forms of storytelling like film, TV and games (screen).

There will still be writing advice and related talking on the blog, however we are hoping to widen our content to talk a bit more about our favourite TV shows and films and any other form of stories that we love.

Of late, managing the blog has been difficult. Elizabeth is very busy at work and I’ve had my own share to organise. In light of this we’re hoping to invite guest bloggers onto the site to keep new articles coming in and also add a greater variety of content. While we have a few in mind, if you’re interested yourself and have an article in mind, please throw us a message.

Thank you to everyone who has been reading our blog so far or will do in the future!

– Nadia & Elizabeth

Update 08.07: Shiny new logo!

The Ink Screen5.jpg


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