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A Darker Shade of Magic Dreamcast

In February my favourite author, Victoria Schwab, announced that her novel A Darker Shade of Magic was being optioned for television. Each season is aiming for an arc of 10-12 episodes, following in the vein of other limited series such as Game of Thrones, and most importantly of all, Victoria Schwab is writing the pilot. We haven’t done a dreamcast since our Throne of Glass one in August last year, but now seems like a perfect opportunity to do another.

A Darker Shade of Magic tells the story of four very different versions of London, each belonging to parallel worlds. Each has their own varying level of magic, Grey London is absent of it, Red flourishes, White starves while Black has been killed and consumed by it. Once journey between the worlds was simple, but when Black London was consumed by magic the boundary was closed to all but a unique type of magicians called the Antari. Kell is one of only two that remain, acting as a personal ambassador for the throne of Red London and after travelling through these worlds he finds himself in the possession of a forbidden relic of Black London and the company of a Grey London thief, Lila Bard.


Domhall Gleeson

“I feel more like a possession than a prince.”

Travelling between Londons, Kell comes into possession of a forbidden relic of Black London and finds himself running across worlds and fighting sadistic Kings and Queens. Domhall Gleeson is a fantastic actor who has been in multiple Oscar/BAFTA winning films this year so I doubt he’s going to take a TV role, he’s also older than Kell, but I can dream, can’t I?

Rhy Maresh

Avan Jogia

“Who needs magic when you look this good?”

Rhy is the Prince of Red London and Kell’s brother. Though Kell was adopted, the two have a very close bond, with Kell always being the one to keep his brother out of trouble. Avan Jogia has been in multiple TV roles before and has played royalty before in last years miniseries about Tutankhamun (Tut).

Delilah Bard

Daisy Ridley

“I’d rather die on an adventure than live standing still.”

Lila Bard is a thief from Grey London who dreams of nothing more than being a pirate, in a meeting of fates she picks Kell’s pocket and later demands he takes her on an adventure. The two characters have an amazing relationship and brilliant dialogue exchanges. No stranger to action having played Rey in Star Wars, Daisy Ridley would be able to pull off Lila’s stab-first-ask-questions later approach.


Mads Mikkelsen

Holland is the only other Antari, belonging to the crown of White London. A more bloodthirsty and violent world, Holland has no choice but to obey the sibling King and Queen of White London, Athos and Astrid Dane. The casting choice for Holland was a no-brainer, Victoria Schwab has always said she had Mad Mikkelsen in mind when she created Holland so there’s really no other choice for who should play him.

Astrid Dane

Natalie Dormer

The sadistic Queen who rules White London alongside her brother, Athos.

Athos Dane

Dane Dehaan

The King of White London, a world where the rulers rarely last long and must murder their way to the top, Athos and his sister have set their sights on larger goals.

Bonus A Gathering of Shadows casting:

Alucard Emery

Maxi Inglesias

Captain of the Night Spire and shameless flirt, Alucard returns to Red London to take part in the magical tournament, the Essen Tasch. Spanish actor Maxi Inglesias has all of Alucard’s good looks and charm.

Is anyone else excited for the possibility of a TV miniseries based on A Darker Shade of Magic? Who would you cast in the main roles?



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