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Motivation To Start The Year

With the start of the new year comes a new chance to start or finish a writing project. To get you writing, why not sign up for a writing challenge? Similar to NaNoWrimo but on a longer time scale, there are tasks out there that try to get you to commit to writing a little everyday. For example, the 365k/365 day writing challenge, which you can read more about here. Daily writing will eventually lead to a regular habit as writing becomes a part of your daily routine. You don’t have to write for long each day, and you don’t have to write very much. As long as you write something, your work will build over the course of the year. This could be writing for an intense 15 minutes everyday in the morning producing 300 words, over a year that’s a 109, 500 word novel or two 50, 000+ word novels.

As part of your new year’s resolutions, why not tell your friends and family about what you aim to do. When you tell people what your goals are, there’s a sense of expectation, a motivator for you to keep on going to achieve your dream. There will be accountability, something to spur you on. Reward yourself after you have achieved a daily goal, this could be watching the next episode of your favourite TV show or reading the next chapter of your favourite book or going out for a walk to admire the world around you.

In your work space it can help to have motivational quotes posted around so that when you look up and you’re finding it hard to continue, they can deliver the extra boost you need. Here are a few examples:

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” – Mark Twain

Allow yourself to write imperfectly. What matters is that you are writing. You’ll get to your finished product eventually because writing is re-writing. You’re always going to need a place to start, and you can’t do that with a blank screen or a blank piece of paper.

Also with it being the new year, why not treat yourself to a new notepad or writing software? Something to make you excited about and eager to get going? Why not try out Scrivener? Learn how to use it and make the most out of it? Novelty in your life brings excitement and than can be the trigger you need to get you started.

The number of days between Jan 1, 2016 to Jan 1, 2017 equals 366 days – that’s 52 weeks and 2 days which is 8, 784 hours. Set some time aside for your writing, and you’ll have your novel by the end of it.

Here’s to another year. We hope it’s a good one for you.



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