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Announcing Villains Fortnight

Hi everyone!

At the end of September we announced Heroes Fortnight and now we’d like to bring you all in on the sequel. For two weeks we will be releasing posts specifically about Villains. And what better a day for us to start Villains Fortnight than the 26th of October so that it will run over Halloween!

“I firmly believe that a story is only as good as the villain.”
– Clive Barker.

A mediocre villain has very little impact on a story, and sure sometimes a story can carry itself without one, but when you have a good villain, that character shines out beyond all elements of the story. Where the hero is the star, the villain is the black hole pulling the rest of the universe into its gravity. A good villain will make you love and hate, to want them to win and celebrate when they lose.

You want your villain to be as well developed as your hero, and we can help you with that. Over the fortnight, we’re going to discuss our favourite villains in all media elements and then discuss what we can learn from them.  This will be followed by posts about villain cliches and what makes a good villain so that you can create your own fantastic villain.

– Elizabeth and Nadia


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