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Announcing Heroes Fortnight

Hi everyone!

We’d like to announce to announce ‘Heroes Fortnight’, a two week event where we will be posting every other day. We’ll be discussing our favourite heroes in film, TV, comics and stories, what you can learn from these, how to make a good hero and more. Heroes Fortnight begins on the 7th of September and ends on the 19th when we will be announcing a special project that we have been working on.

We believe that character is one of the main reasons people read books and an unlikable/uninteresting hero/protagonist can ruin a story. It’s possible to make a hero too powerful. This is something DC learnt with Superman, and one of the reasons the more vulnerable and human Supergirl was more popular at a time. They had to invent kryptonite after learning his invincibility was boring and they even went as far as to kill him off. It’s flawed heroes who tend to hold more interest (and antiheroes, but perhaps we’ll talk about them at a later time). Your hero should be the heart and soul of your story. Over this fortnight we will be teaching you how to ensure that.

– Elizabeth and Nadia


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